An American Abroad

About Me

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I am an experienced ESL tutor, manager, writer, editor, and instructor.

As a tutor, I work with international executives employed by Chrysler, Jeep, Owens Corning, and other companies to ensure that they are fluent in business English. I also provide English language instruction and cultural competency training to those executives’ spouses and children. I work as well with American elementary, middle school and high school students who are studying English, History and Humanities.

As a manager, I supervised tutoring on the Toledo-area campus of Owens Community College for three and a half years and was responsible for the hiring, training, scheduling and supervision of approximately 100 tutors and 15 student workers.

As a writer, I am currently working on fiction and nonfiction accounts of my expatriate experience in Asia. I have experience in grant writing, reviewing books and writing op-eds for a daily newspaper, and developing training materials and policy handbooks for academia. I am particularly skilled at editing English documents written by non-native speakers so that they sound perfectly idiomatic and natural.

As an instructor, I am currently teaching English as a second language to children aged 6 to 12 in Yuxi, China. I have have also taught Composition I and II, Introduction to Humanities, Introduction to Philosophy, Principles of Ethics, Study Skills, Health Care Law, Legal Writing, and Civil Litigation to college and junior college students.

I am also active in community theater, the co-founder of a book club that reads literature in translation, a part-time bookseller, an occasional long-distance bicyclist.