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Bangladesh: Photomiscellanea

There are some photos from my recent trip that just didn’t seem to fit logically into my earlier posts.

These three are of the Goaldi Mosque in Sonargaon, which was built in 1519. A trick of sunlight in the second photo makes it seem like there is a face in one of the wall details (there isn’t).

2014-02-01 03.53.58e

2014-02-01 03.55.04e

2014-02-01 03.55.34e

Nearby is the cutest mosque I’ve ever seen.

2014-02-01 03.57.12e

Politics in Bangladesh is vigorously contentious. Elections were held recently and there were still many political posters adorning the walls of Barisal and Dhaka.

2014-02-02 04.19.17e

2014-01-28 21.54.46-3e

2014-01-31 23.38.46e

2014-01-31 23.41.57e

Street food.

2014-02-02 02.50.33-2e

Relaxing by the National Assembly building.

2014-02-02 04.13.00e

Dhaka transit.

2014-01-29 21.31.58e

2014-02-02 05.13.13e

2014-02-03 05.55.19e

2014-02-03 03.24.24e

Barisal bus.

2014-01-29 03.09.05e

Barisal wash day.

2014-01-29 04.42.03e

A bit of Toledo in Barisal.

2014-01-28 23.24.06e


  1. The jeep made me smile–small world, but it’s not going anywhere very soon.

  2. Some nice captures of the real Bangladesh! Would love to publish a Bangladesh travel story of you in our Bangladesh Travel Blog. Your readers will be able to find additional details about traveling Bangladesh here. Thanks!

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