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Although Beicheng is a village just 20 minutes north of Yuxi, I’d never been there before yesterday. I now regret not seeing it earlier.

The buildings there are lower and older than those in Yuxi. Apparently the Chinese mania for tearing down their architectural history has not made it there yet.
2014-04-07 06.54.16e
2014-04-07 07.01.00e

There is a large pagoda in the center of town. It was originally built in the Ming Dynasty, but was rebuilt more recently during the Qing Dynasty and it now bears the colorful excesses of that period.
2014-04-07 06.52.13e
2014-04-07 07.14.01e
That large sign on the second level with three Chinese characters helpfully identifies the structure as “old tall building.”

I climbed up into the pagoda and was struck by the Escheresque internal views.
2014-04-07 06.58.46e
2014-04-07 07.05.07e
2014-04-07 06.59.37e

Other details, such as the wood carvings on the shutters and the temple bell, made this pagoda one of the more interesting ones I’ve been to.
2014-04-07 07.05.32e
2014-04-07 07.03.52e


  1. waaaw! Marvellous buildings with amazing architecture !

  2. Wow jim that looks really cool, I have been thinking of going there too I had found some information that there is supposed to be a cave there that is a good sight to see aside from those great buildings.

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