An American Abroad

Daniel’s Welcome Dinner

A Shane English Yuxi tradition: every new teacher gets a welcome dinner. On Sunday night it was the turn of our newest colleague, an American from Denver named Daniel.

Outside the restaurant, JJ and I tried our hands as laundry detergent pitchmen. Note the bride in the background.
2014-03-30 07.06.19e

Inside, the arrangement was as usual: a large round table with a floral arrangement in the middle and a revolving lazy Susan for the food.
2014-03-30 07.21.37e
2014-03-30 07.31.34e
2014-03-30 07.28.49e
2014-03-30 07.25.39e
2014-03-30 07.20.43e

And here is the Man of the Hour himself:
2014-03-30 07.24.14e

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