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Kim Davis’s Song

Earlier this month, I was sitting on the sofa reading news accounts of the Kentucky county clerk, Kim Davis, who refused to do her job and issue marriage licenses to people in her county. She was opposed to same-sex marriage, of course, but to be “fair,” she stopped issuing all marriage licenses whatsoever. She wound up in jail for a few days for violating an order of the US District Court and was then released to a hero’s welcome by those people who support her stand.

I was incredulous. Everything about Kim Davis cried out for parody. In fact, she parodies herself. I thought she was behaving like a martinet. That word got me thinking about Gilbert & Sullivan. I’ve acted and/or sang in several of their operettas. Many of their plots were about people who loved each other but who couldn’t marry because of social disapproval. And I remembered The Major-General’s Song from HMS Pinafore. The Kim Davis lyrics then almost wrote themselves.

The lyrics came to the attention of Richard Kraft, a man deeply experienced in the uses of music in film. He directed this video of the song and cast the talented Rena Strober as Kim. As of today, it has been viewed over 250,000 times across three platforms (Facebook, Funny or Die, and YouTube). Enjoy!

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