An American Abroad

Kuala Lumpur: KL Wildstyle

Most of the graffiti I’ve seen in China has been the mobile phone numbers of people selling stuff. I hardly realized how much I missed the real thing til I saw all of this in Kuala Lumpur. There are a lot of Utah Ether tags there — too many, really — but it was still refreshing.

2014-06-03 01.03.16e

2014-06-03 01.03.27e

2014-06-04 00.05.13e

2014-06-03 23.39.42e

2014-06-03 22.31.20e

2014-06-03 22.30.51e

2014-06-03 22.30.32e

2014-06-03 22.34.24e

2014-06-04 00.25.10e1

2014-06-04 00.25.10e2

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