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Nine Views of a Green Curaçao Building

I probably won’t get hired by the Curaçao tourist board as the photographer for their next brochure. After eight days here, I have taken exactly one photo of the beach and something like 300 photos of the sometimes-grittier side of Willemstad.

I don’t mean these photos to be interpreted as representative of the island as a whole, or even of all of Willemstad. But then, neither are the glossy beachy photos of Beautiful People Doing Fun Things that the authorities love to publish.

I found this building last Saturday when I joined a bicycle art tour organized by the Bed & Bike Hostel. At one point toward the end of the tour, everyone was very hot. We stopped off at a small handicraft shop that sold souvenirs and organic things that smelled nice. I wasn’t particularly interested in that kind of thing, so I wandered off down a side street.

When I looked up and saw this building, I was reminded of a room in the old Fun House at Cedar Point where everything was slanted and askew.

I prowled around the outside, snapping photos liberally. Though the building seemed closed, I got the sense that at least parts of it were inhabited.

I love the way the different angles of sunlight bring out different colors in the building.

If the Curaçao tourist board wants to feature an Abandoned & Urbex tour of Willemstad, they can contact me.

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