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House & Pet Sitting

As an experienced house sitter, homeowner, and landlord, I understand how important it is to have a mature, reliable person to take care of your home, property, and pets while you are away. I’ve been doing that kind of work since I was 12 years old; I had a paper route and many of my customers would ask me to stop in to check on their houses and animals. I’m currently available for house and pet sitting in northwest Ohio and southeast Michigan. Contact me at to inquire about availability.

Background & Experience

56 year old teacher and tutor
Born and raised in northwest Ohio
Experienced pet owner and animal foster
Foster caretaker for rescued animals

Pet Sitting

Care for dogs, cats, fish, turtles
Other animals by agreement
Feeding, walking, playing, socializing, administering medication
Real time check-in and check-out notification via text or phone

House Sitting

Overnight or stop-in service
Inspect for problems
Bring in mail, circulars, packages, newspapers
Give house a lived-in look
In consultation with homeowner, remedy maintenance and repair issues

Emergency Services

Staying late at work? Car break down? Dealing with an emergency that requires your presence elsewhere on short notice? Need someone to look in on your house and pets? Call me. I may be able to help on very short notice.

Contractor and Worker Supervision

Have a painter, plumber, electrician, cable installer, or other contractor scheduled for work at your house wheb you can’t be there? I can let workers in and out, keep an eye on their work, report their progress to you, and provide you with peace of mind while strangers are working in your home.


I sometimes work with another mature, trusted house and pet sitter who provides me with backup when unavailable when my clients need me.

Reporting and Billing

I maintain a record for each client that details what I’ve done on each visit, relates observations I’ve made, reports my time in and time out, and records my current charges. This record is shared with each client via Dropbox or through email and can be viewed anytime. Invoicing is done monthly (or more frequently, if the client requests it).


I accept personal checks, PayPal, and cash. Payment is due within ten days of invoicing.

Satisfied Clients

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