An American Abroad

Who’s she? She’s my sister.

The assignment given to my students after they finished their final exam at Shane English Yuxi was to draw a picture and write an English sentence or two on it. One of my nine-year-olds, Vicky, is a bit of an over-achiever who loves to draw. Instead of doing just one picture, she drew ten. I think her artwork and design sense is amazing, especially considering her age.

2014-04-13 07.17.47e

2014-04-13 07.17.37e

2014-04-13 07.17.29e

2014-04-13 07.17.15e

2014-04-13 07.16.55e

2014-04-13 07.16.31e

2014-04-13 07.15.29e

2014-04-13 07.15.07e

2014-04-13 07.14.50e

2014-04-13 07.14.23e

Two ELT MOOCs on Coursera

Coursera is offering two MOOCs that might be of interest to my friends and readers with an interest in teaching English as a foreign language.

Shaping the Way We Teach English 1: The Landscape of English Language Teaching and Shaping the Way We Teach English 2: Paths to Success in ELT are sponsored by the U.S. State Department and the University of Oregon. They’re free and they are five weeks long each. Part 1 begins on April 7, while Part 2 starts May 12.

The course description reads:

This course is aimed at English as a Foreign Language (EFL) teachers, both those who are intending to pursue this field as a career and those already working in the field who would like to revise and refresh their methods and approaches. The materials and approaches presented should complement college courses such as Introduction to TEFL/TESOL Methods.

I’ve taken many MOOCs with Coursera; you can see my complete list of such courses on my CV. Coursera’s platform is easy to navigate and the course content has been interesting, informative, and well-presented. I’ve signed up for these two courses already and hope to see some of my online friends there.