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Old Weird French Cars

I shot most of these in Sousse, Tunisia.










Surprising Message on a Chevrolet

2008-09-25 08.17.35

Three-Wheeled Addendum

When I was describing the three-wheeled vehicles of Yuxi recently, I forgot about this beauty:
2013-07-16 00.55.59

Wheels: Two and Three

Half the vehicles on the roads of Yuxi have two or three wheels. The vast majority of the two-wheeled variety are scooters and small motorcycles. Bicycles may have reigned supreme on Chinese streets forty years ago, but they are a tiny minority today in Yuxi.

Most of the scooters are electric. They whir by so quietly that they often take me by surprise.
2013-07-11 22.15.41
2013-07-11 22.31.42
2013-07-11 22.17.012013-07-11 22.36.38
2013-07-11 22.44.212008-08-18 10.42.15

By law, motorcycles can have an engine displacement of no more than 150cc. That’s tiny. The first photo below is of a mototaxi. They hang out at almost every intersection in town and will take you wherever you want to go in town for ¥5 (about $0.80). Note the two helmets: one for the driver, one for his passenger.
2013-07-11 22.12.57
2013-07-11 22.49.53
2013-07-11 22.21.15

The most interesting and unusual vehicles here are the three-wheeled mini-trucks. These have a motorcycle front end and engine married to a flatbed. Some of them are electric. The carry everything from furniture to flowers. Some have coal-fired cookstoves on their backs and function as food carts.
2013-06-22 21.29.37
2013-07-11 22.05.41
2013-07-11 22.15.05

There are still some of their pedal-powered forebears on the roads. They’re built to last. Note the three downtubes on this first one.
2013-07-11 22.06.02
2013-07-11 22.16.38