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Taking My Class Outside

My class of AMIDEAST twelve-year-olds is wonderful: smart, funny, informed, articulate, and spirited. As we near the end of the course, I decided to get them out of the classroom and onto the terrace to have them practice giving directions in English. One student was blindfolded and another one was deputized to tell him or her how to move (“turn left!” “go straight” “turn right!”) to get through an obstacle course of desks. It was a lot of fun.

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2014-08-25 07.57.59e

2014-08-25 07.55.48e

2014-08-25 07.55.18e

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2014-08-25 07.51.59e


  1. And so, the love affair begins. Very happy for you and them. However, THEY are the lucky ones.

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