An American Abroad

The Nomada Eatery

Every now and then I walk into a place that’s so welcoming and aesthetically pleasing that I feel like I’m home–even though I’ve never been there. One such place is the Nomada Eatery. I was only there once for a fine American breakfast of bacon and eggs, but while I was there I felt the satisfaction of knowing that I was in an interior space that had been wonderfully and whimsically designed.

Located in Caso Viejo, the old quarter of Panama City, the Nomada Eatery is another one of those places that seem designed to attract a certain kind of traveler. It’s in the same building as Luna’s Castle Hostel, which may help account for its funky international vibe.

The bathroom there is a treat in itself. Books are glued to the walls and ceiling in front of and above the toilet. Graffiti seems to be encouraged.

And on the wall next to the toilet is a reflective reminder to zip up.

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