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Trump: Ya Got Trouble

Not long after the video of the Gilbert & Sullivan parody I wrote about Kim Davis hit the interwebs, I was again contacted by Richard Kraft. This time, he offered me a commission to write a parody about Donald Trump set to a song in The Music Man by Meredith Wilson.

In the original musical, the song is sung by Harold Hill, a charismatic con man who goes from town to town selling musical instruments. Since every product must assuage an anxiety, he cleverly ginned up concern among the parents of the American midwest that their sons were being corrupted by the game of pool. Once that anxiety hit a fever pitch, Harold Hill came up with the solution: the formation of a boys’ band that would get American youth out of the pool halls and into the wholesome activity of playing in a brass band.

The parallels to Trump and his attempts to foment anxiety about immigrants and ISIS were perfect. Once I began writing, the words just fell into place. Here is the result. Enjoy!

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