An American Abroad

Teaching & Tutoring

I offer English tutoring to adults in the Yuxi area and English editing to clients worldwide.

English Tutoring
I am an experienced English language tutor who focuses on adult learners, business executives, college students, people in the medical, legal, and education professions, and students preparing for the ACT, SAT and TOEFL. Working individually or in small groups, I tailor each lesson to my students’ interests, goals and abilities. I teach a standard American English accent and idioms. My recent clients have included Chinese and Russian IT professionals, an Israeli tennis pro, a Mexican finance executive, Chinese health care workers, and others.

English Editing
I review texts written by businesses and individuals and edit them for English fluency, accuracy, idiom, word choice and style. These texts have included résumés and CVs, cover letters, business correspondence and presentations, trade articles, speeches, college and graduate school admission essays, and advertising materials. Such editing often makes the difference between writing that seems nonstandard and awkward and writing that conveys a highly professional international image.

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