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Vietnam: Hoi An by Night, Part 2

These photos will look a lot better if you click on each one and view it without the white borders of my blog.

2014-07-02 09.16.17e

2014-07-02 09.21.12e

2014-07-02 09.33.49e1

2014-07-02 09.33.49e2

2014-07-02 09.36.21e

2014-07-02 09.47.05e

2014-07-02 10.05.51e

2014-07-02 10.30.09e

2014-07-02 10.34.38e

2014-07-02 10.40.32e

2014-07-02 10.43.25e

I think now that I’m going to have to write a book, because Spencer took the perfect dust jacket photo of me:

2014-07-02 10.41.40e

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