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Yuxi In Bloom, Under Construction, On Guard

Spring has arrived in Yuxi and the public gardens are in bloom.

2014-03-13 00.56.39e
2014-03-13 00.55.32e
2014-03-13 00.58.12e
2014-03-13 00.50.43e
2014-03-12 04.08.17e

Other parts of town are considerably less scenic right now. There is a new mayor here, known to everyone as “Mr. Finger”: he points at a building and BOOM, it’s gone the next day. There are enormous highrise shopping and residential complexes being built in two different locations and an underground shopping plaza being put beneath one of Yuxi’s major commercial streets. There is a new outpatient care building being added to Yuxi People’s Hospital and numerous other medium-sized buildings sprouting up all over town.

2014-03-03 00.36.13e
2014-03-03 00.37.15e
2014-03-03 00.36.29e
2014-03-13 23.14.58e
2014-03-13 23.35.19e
2014-03-13 00.42.55e

Meanwhile in the wake of the Kunming terror attack two weeks ago, there are still armed police and soldiers stationed around the schools and near shopping centers. They aren’t keen on being photographed, but I managed to snap this pic of them near a school.

2014-03-13 23.39.19e

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