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Bangladesh: Old Dhaka

I spent a day in and around Old Dhaka. Traffic chokes the city so heavily that I didn’t get to see everything I wanted to. Some of the things on my Dhaka wish list will have to await another trip there.

I was here:

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This is some of what I saw:

2014-02-03 02.44.39e

2014-02-03 02.32.32e

2014-02-03 03.24.08e

2014-02-03 04.34.42e

2014-02-03 04.50.00e

2014-02-03 03.37.35e

2014-02-03 05.53.57-2e

2014-02-03 03.56.51e


  1. Nice photos of authentic Old Dhaka! A very vibrant place!!

    In case anyone is interested visiting this place in Old Dhaka, you can find a day tour here:

  2. You have a real photographic eye! Brings back many memories of a country I, too, would love to revisit! The picture of the man holding the ailing woman while another woman looks at her with grave concern is magnificent, as are so many others. I saw the face very plainly. Maybe more than a trick of sunlight!?

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