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My Hanoi Hilton Photos in a Documentary

Two months ago, I received an email from Colin Kimball, a photographer working with the Collin County Historical Society & Museum in McKinney, Texas, on an exhibit about people from their region who’d served in the Vietnam War. The exhibit was called The Vietnam Syndrome and was to include a video built around interviews with two men from North Texas who’d been prisoners of war in North Vietnam. Mr. Kimball wanted to use my photos of the Hanoi Hilton to illustrate their stories. Of course I said yes.

The resulting video, Life as a Prisoner of War in Vietnam, is now on display. My photos, taken from this post here, can be seen at the 3:03, 7:10, and 9:47 marks.


  1. validation of your powerful photographers eye. Kudos!

    • James Trumm says:

      Thanks, Cathie. I am finding that pictures of smaller details — a lock on a door, bars on a window — can convey more than pictures of whole rooms or buildings.

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